B&O Return With Stylish Bluetooth Speaker That Fits In Your Hand

B&O’s new Beoplay A1 is their smallest bluetooth speaker yet but they lose none of their charm with this great new speaker.

The A1 is the latest bluetooth speaker from B&O and comes in a neat little package you can hold in your hand. Don’t let that fool you, however, as it’s power isn’t to be underestimated; boasting 360 degree audio that can fill a room and a 24 hour lasting battery.

The A1 features a neat little leather strap that lets you hang it anywhere, at least anywhere suitable to put a speaker. It features no protruding buttons, going instead for the minimalist look with it’s smooth dome shape crafted from aluminium and bottomed off by a smooth polymer base.  To control the speaker there are embedded buttons on the edge going around that control power, bluetooth, and volume.

Using the BeoPlay app for iOS, Android expected soon, you can automatically reconnect and play where you last left off or connect two A1 speakers together to either play stereo (one playing left channel, the other playing right) or play the same if you just want extra volume or want to listen in different places at the same time.

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Though we haven’t heard it ourselves, everyone seems to be lauding the sound quality of the A1 saying that it rivals it’s larger, more expensive counterparts. The speaker works two-ways and has an aluminium cone mid-woofer providing clear low-mid range and a silk dome tweeter for crisp high notes. It uses a 30 watt amp that should give you plenty enough power for in the house or out and about.

Designer, Cecilie Manz said: “Beoplay A1 is the result of an exhaustive design process geared towards maximising portability while at the same time delivering category breaking sound performance.”

A1 uses a USB Type-C to charge. A full charge takes typically two-and-a-half hours which gives the speaker roughly 24 hours of playing time. B&O say they are going to update it with extra power at some point, though they made no mention of what or when.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSNcRKFNWv4?rel=0&w=640&h=360]

Beoplay A1 is available now from their website for $249/£199 in green and silver.

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