Spotify’s top playlist now has 25 MILLION followers

Spotify’s playlists are giant and Today’s Top Hits just hit a major landmark that shows Spotify Playlists cannot be ignored.

Today’s Top Hits is Spotify’s flagship playlist among thousands of massive collections of music with millions of followers. Today’s Top Hits stands a cut above the rest with over 20 billion streams on songs in the playlist over it’s lifetime.

It’s just hit 25 million followers who tune it to hear their weekly selection of the latest and greatest in music. They can officially say that if the playlist were an artist, it would be the 3rd most streamed artist on Spotify – of all time! Ed Sheeran and Drake take the top 2 spots.

Today’s Top Hits uses streaming data and trends, which are then analysed by a team of curators, to define what are the biggest hits around the world each week. Over 70 artists have received more than 100 million plays thanks to being featured in the playlist.

Spotify said: “Today’s Top Hits not only reflects the music culture of the zeitgeist, but also shapes it. The playlist has helped kickstart the careers of many artists. We couldn’t be more excited about this incredible milestone – thanks to the 25 million fans and followers for listening. A few other people wanted to say thank you…”

Check out what all the rage is about:

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