Spotify’s latest new series looks at some of the worlds biggest bands and takes a look at the highlights of their career, starting with Blink-182.

Last week Spotify debuted their new series ‘Flash Frame’ with notorious pop-punk band Blink-182. Each part of the series will focus on a different musician/group and highlights their career milestones and even gives fans a chance to be part in exclusive, Spotify-created music videos.

The series will provide superfans, identified by Spotify play counts, with exclusive access to personal concerts, opportunities to be featured in videos with the bands/artists and take part in Q&A’s with them. In the first episodes with Blink 182 the videos feature live shows, interviews, discussion of their return to music together and an all new music video taking inspiration from Blink-182’s music video hit ‘What’s My Age Again’ for their new song ‘She’s Out Of Her Mind’ featuring actor Adam DeVine.

Chapter 1

Blink-182 performs, “Bored To Death,” for a room full of superfans, identified as such using Spotify data, while the band also sits down with Spotify’s resident curator of all things ROCK, Allison Hangendorf, to discuss Blink’s return to the scene with a new album, and a new line-up, after a five-year hiatus.

Chapter Two

Superfans are not only treated to a performance of the classic, “Miss You,” but they also get to sit down with the band for a little Q&A.

Chapter Three

Blink-182 shares the untold stories behind some of the band’s most classic videos, including 2000’s “What’s My Age Again,” which they also perform for an audience that is both rapt and raucous!

Chapter Four
The Music Video for the band’s latest single, “She’s Out Of Her Mind,” an homage to the classic, “What’s My Age Again?”

Chapter Five: Bonus!

Check out an alternate version of the new music video.

Keep an eye out for future episodes of Flash Frame for a look at some of the world’s most influential artists of late.

All episodes of Blink-182 Flash Frame are now available on mobiles and PC in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.