We love a good remix at RouteNote and when we heard Future Access’ incredible remix of singer Veronica come through our distribution we had to share it with your ears.

Future Access are an electronic duo from Vancouver specialising in excellent remixes. Their latest effort sees a brilliant reworking of singer and rising star Veronica’s recent track ‘What Happened’. Check it out below and head to SoundCloud for a free download.


Future Access

SoundCloud –  soundcloud.com/Future-Access

YouTube – youtube.com/channel/UCCADs2sb_KI3v8BHPG1I1yA

Facebook – facebook.com/FutureAccessMusic

Twitter – twitter.com/FutureAccess_


SoundCloud – soundcloud.com/BeingVeronica

YouTube – youtube.com/user/beingVERONICA

Facebook – facebook.com/beingVERONICA

Twitter – twitter.com/beingveronica