Image credit: Spotify

DJ Mixes for Spotify have launched marking a first for full DJ mixes for download and streaming on the streaming service.

DJ mixes offer such a special unique musical moment from our favourite producers and musicians. Combining the songs that they’ve created, the songs that they love, and often a mashup of them all; a mix gives us an insight into their musical minds and offers us an extended piece of magical music to play at parties, take on a long drive, or just sit back and vibe to.

Now these magical and unique mixes are starting to come to Spotify with the official launch of DJ Mixes on the streaming service. Five DJs have broken down the barriers to start with, launching their own individual mixes in eight markets to start with, and hopefully a wider global spread coming very soon. More albums and mixes can be found in Spotify’s Dance/Electronic microhub.

The first DJs privileged to be getting the ball rolling with their own mixes are AmyElleAdam BeyerShingo NakamaraMOTi, and Noisia. Their mixes are now available for both Free and Premium users in the U.K., Ireland, the Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.

How to make a DJ mix and upload to Spotify

Up until now DJ mixes have faced too much legal uncertainty, often containing a variety of other people’s music with makes the licensing of an extended mix incredibly complicated for all involved. Working with artists personally to provide their DJ Mixes, Spotify clearly intend to solve these issues directly with each individual mix.

Unfortunately that means its unlikely that it will be a free market any time soon for all DJs to upload their mixes. Spotify clearly intend to continue working closely with a number of DJs and how far they will explore the potential for the new section is yet to be seen. They may open up an application process sometime in the future

Can you upload your own DJ mixes to Spotify?

If you own all the rights to the music in your DJ mix or have licensed the content from the rightsholders then you can upload your mix for free to streaming services including Spotify through RouteNote. You will need to be able to provide proof of your rights to use any tracks that you have used in your mix unless you are the original creator of all of the tracks involved.

These mixes won’t be added to Spotify’s new DJ Mixes section but it will allow you to share your mixes with listeners around the world. Be sure to include the fact that your audio file is a continuous mix by specifying this in brackets at the end of the track title. For example:

Track Title (DJ RootNoot Mix)

If you are using any other person’s music in your mixes you must ensure you have the rights to use their content and if their music features any samples then you must also ensure the rights to use them too. You will need to credit any artists you have used or remixed in your track metadata.

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