Image credit: Sparkline

UK based tech agency Decimal has launched Sparkline, a tool designed to provide Spotify listening data to a wider audience.

Sparkline is a new data tool that has been launched to allow users to follow specific artists and track data, including play counts, monthly listeners, and follows via a dashboard. Similar to the likes of Socialblade for YouTube, Instagram, etc. The idea is to provide an additional listening date to users that are not always available to Spotify users. 

The software will be available for free or with a monthly paid subscription and will be open to producers, session musicians, marketers, promoters, and other people in the music industry. It has the potential to be a great tool for musicians and those involved to track the success of the projects they’re working on. 

Artists will find it particularly helpful as it can be used as market research, helping them understand what works for other musicians. Helping them emulate their success with their own project. 

Speaking on Sparkline founder Chris Garrett said: “In its initial stages, we’ve been working with a small number of customers to help them understand the success of the artists they want to track.” Adding: “The next stage is to widen the availability of data to provide insights about the growth of artists that customers may not even be aware of yet.”