Image credit: Sleeve

‘Sleeve’ is a fantastic app to brighten up the now playing function for Apple Music or Spotify.

‘Sleeve’ is a fun and simple app that lives on your Mac desktop, designed to brighten up the what’s playing functionality of music players such as Apple Music or Spotify. The widget shows the album artwork of what you’re playing, the song, and playback controls. 

It’s a super simple app that offers up a number of customization options depending on your preferences. You can customize the size, rounded corners on the artwork, day/night mode, text size, alignment, and much more. 

Adding to its simplicity Sleeve doesn’t need authentication from your music streaming accounts to work. It also comes in at the healthy price of $5 and has no ads or other in-app purchases, making it an inexpensive and easy app to use. Sleeve looks great on a multitude of displays and is a great way to spice up your playback screen. 

You can purchase Sleeve directly from the developer here.