If you’re after seriously competitive hi-fi sound, we’ve compiled some of our favourite bookshelf speakers between $900 and $1300.

Whether you’re listening to downloaded FLAC files, streaming hi-fi music or plugging directly into a record player, these speakers will fill the room with crystal clear audio that can’t be beaten at the price.

For more bookshelf speakers, find our top picks under $100, $200, $300, $400, $600 and $800.

1. KEF LSX – $1125.70 (sale price)
  • Multiroom compatible speakers: Play music in multiple rooms at once.
  • Bluetooth music streaming: Makes it easy to enjoy tracks stored on a compatible Bluetooth-enabled device (not included).
  • 2-way speaker system: Sends the right frequencies to the right speakers for outstanding audio.
  • Rich, powerful sound: Includes a mid/woofer and a tweeter.
  • aptX codec: Offers superior signal-to-noise performance, maximizing audio fidelity, so you can enjoy music playback with near CD-quality sound.
  • Plays high-resolution digital music files: For high-resolution sound.
  • More ways to connect with the music you love: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability for pairing wireless devices, plus 3.5mm stereo mini input for wide-ranging compatibility.

2. ELAC Carina BS243.4 – $1299.98
  • JET Air-Motion Transformer: Delivering true high-definition sound, ELAC’s JET tweeters enthrall with its lightning-fast response and wide dynamic range, offering minimal distortion, lots of headroom and a wider frequency range. The ELAC JET tweeter is legendary in the industry.
  • Dual 5 ¼” Compound Curvature Aluminum Woofers: To match the capabilities of the JET tweeter and guarantee a seamless transition from the woofer to the JET tweeter, the compound curvature cone has been developed to control the cone breakup mode providing rich powerful performance
  • Downward Firing Port: For a more flexible speaker placement and to minimize ventilation noise, the bass reflex port on the Carina series is directed to the floor, exiting the bottom of the speaker cabinet in a down-firing configuration
  • 46Hz – 30kHz Frequency response: Ensures faithful reproduction of audio for both standard and high-resolution content
  • Easy to Drive 6-Ohm Impedance: Ensures compatibility with virtually all AV receivers

3. Wharfedale Linton – $1198
  • Real Wood Veneer Cabinets: Solid constuction with a furniture grade finish
  • 8-inch woven Kevlar® bass driver: Powerful bass from dedicated driver
  • 1-inch soft-dome tweeter & 5-inch midrange: Clear and smooth highs with midrange clarity
  • 35Hz Bass Extension: Deep bass response for accurate reproduction
  • 85th Anniversary Edition: Celebrate England’s Most Famous Speaker Brand

4. Definitive Technology D11 – $999
  • High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers: Feature a proprietary 6.5″ BDSS woofer, a 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter with 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens & Laterally Offset Tweeter Assembly for a smoother high-frequency reproduction, articulate midrange and punchy bass
  • Futuristic Design for an Outstanding Performance: The 6 x 10-inch Oval Passive Bass Radiator drives a deep and clean bass response with crystal clear audio, while the elegant & timeless look blends perfectly with your home décor. These speakers truly deliver a premium listening experience
  • Multiple Speaker Setup Options: Use as standalone speakers in a 2.0 channel system, a 2.1 channel system with a sub, or setup a sophisticated and complex home theater system with your choice of amplifier, receiver or Definitive Speakers
  • A Class Apart: One of the most trusted names in audio speakers and premium home entertainment, Definitive brings to you the best audio quality crafted with 25 years of constant innovation, relentless engineering, latest audio technology and iconic intelligent designs
  • Optional Demand ST1 Speaker Stands: Elevate your sound with the Demand ST1 speaker stands (sold separately) to raise the height of these speakers by 32″ and to keep them in place on a carpet or a solid floor surface. The stands also come with threaded inserts

5. DALI OBERON 3 – $899
  • Contemporary design: The rounded edges and rustic fabric of these new DALI front grilles add a lighter and more contemporary visual look to the OBERON series. This look is enhanced by the elegantly shaped aluminium base mounted on the two floor-standing models.
  • Patented SMC: The iron pole piece of the OBERON woofer magnet is crowned by a patented SMC disk – minimizing the negative effects of the iron. The use of the SMC disk greatly reduces mechanical distortion, which lowers third order distortion.
  • Wood fibre cone: The OBERON woofer features a wood fibre cone with a blend of fine grain paper pulp, reinforced with wood fibres, which creates a stiff, light-weight and well-behaving structure. Creating unfiltered sound with high accuracy.
  • Easy to position: The OBERON series has been selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern. This ensures a well-integrated sound, even when listening at a significant off-axis angle. An added benefit is seriously reduced harmonic distortion and diffractions causing frequency distortion.