Infamous headphone makers Skullcandy are finally ready to catch up with their competitors with the reveal of their very first truly wireless music offering – look out Apple AirPods.

Skullcandy have carved out a notorious name in the low-to-mid range earphone and headphone market as a brand that people trust for quality that won’t dent your funds. The company has been producing headphones since 2003 and have now just announced that they’ll be launching their very first wireless earbuds.

The company have announced Skullcandy Push, truly wireless earbuds that slip into your ear with no entangling or excess involved. The earbuds have a simple design with their iconic logo and a single button which you can use to answer calls from the connected device, switch tracks when you’re listening to music, and control the volume with. The button can also activate your device’s AI assistant which you can talk to using the Push’s built-in microphone.

The Skullcandy Push boasts an impressive 12 hours of battery life with 6 hours of play in the earbuds and then an additional 6 hours in the charging case. When you store your Push buds in their case they will recharge any of the battery lost in use so they’re ready with a full battery for the next time you bust them out to listen. Their battery life also rivals Apple’s Airpods which last for 5 hours of listening time, however their charging case adds up to 24 hours of potential listening time.

As of their announcement the earbuds only come in one available colour; Psychotropical Teal. They look funky and compared to last month’s leak about Skullcandy’s wireless earbuds they look a lot more like something you might happily wear out and about. The earbuds feature a “gel ear hook” to clip them into your ear making it a smoother fit, something Apple’s Airpods have been criticised for. A simple rotation unhooks the Push from your ear.

As with Apple, if you lose an earbud or charging case they offer a replacement at a reduced price of $49 under their ‘Fearless Use Promise’. Apple offer a similar scheme however at a higher price of $69 per replacement.

Skullcandy plan to sell the Push exclusively from Target for $129.99 until the 15th January, after which they’ll be available at select retailers.