Get 2 instruments on Roland Cloud for life these holidays

These holidays sign up to Roland’s digital instrument suite subscription and get two digital instruments for life whether you stay a Roland Cloud user or not.

Roland Cloud offers up an incredible range of virtual instruments from digital recreations of some of their most famous and greatest synths to virtual drum machines emulating their storied history of influential drum machines. The Japanese instrument makers offer this suite of digital music potential as a subscription that you can opt-in and out of at anytime but this holiday season they’re offering a very special promotion.

When you purchase a one-year subscription, whether you renew at the end of the year or decide to cancel you’ll be able to choose two instruments available in their catalogue to keep for your own, forever. You can’t sign up for less than a year to take advantage of the deal however that gives you a year of working with Roland’s extensive catalogue of instruments, as well as any new ones that launch, so you’ve had time to decide which are the most valuable to you.

You have until December 31st, 2018 to sign up for an annual subscription and get the Play 2-4 Life Holiday Promotion. Here’s all that you get with a Roland Cloud Subscription:

  • Unlimited access to all instruments including the 808, 909, Juno 106, Jupiter-8, and many more
  • Frequent new instrument releases like the JX-3P and others
  • Continual product updates and fixes

And as part of Team Roland Cloud you receive:

  • Membership to a worldwide community of music makers and producers
  • Opportunities to share your tracks on Roland Cloud’s social platforms
  • Events, contests, and special offers
  • Informative, inspiring content like user stories, artist spotlights, articles, playlists and more

If you’re looking to pad out your library of digital production tools Roland Cloud is a great way to liven your toolkit out with a range of high quality instruments. With this great holiday deal, why miss out?

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