How to share and promote your Deezer music on Facebook Stories

Deezer have introduced sharing to Facebook Stories, complete with a 20 second preview and link to the full track.

Facebook and Instagram launch music for Stories and videos in Poland and Singapore

Facebook and Instagram users in Poland and Singapore are now able to include music from Facebook’s catalogue in their videos and Stories.

How to make my music searchable on Instagram

Your song will show in Instagram Stories and Reels. Any time it’s used in a Post, Story or Reel, you’ll earn revenue.

Music distribution to Facebook & Instagram – RouteNote and TuneCore compared

Both RouteNote and TuneCore distribute to Facebook & Instagram, however in every instance, RouteNote is better for the artist.

Facebook announces new ‘Share to Stories’ feature for music videos

In a bid to amplify new music Facebook have added a ‘Share to Stories’ feature for music videos.

How to share my music on Instagram

Getting your music on to Instagram and Instagram Reels means every time your song is used in videos, you’ll earn royalties.

Nearly half the time spent on Facebook is video-related

Content consumption on the world’s largest social media platform is is now dominated by video.

SoundCloud roll out track sharing on Snapchat and Facebook Stories

SoundCloud are giving listeners and artists more ways to share the music they make and love across the biggest social apps. Half of the joy in discovering new music is sharing the killer new tracks…

RouteNote users can now share their music on Facebook & Instagram in the Balkans

Facebook have brought music to the Balkans meaning 4 new countries can use music in their Stories, including the music of RouteNote users. Music has been added to Facebook and Instagram in Serbia, Bosnia and…

Facebook adds music to Stories in Estonia, Reels in Austria and Lithuania

Facebook are expanding where users can add music to their content and are bringing Instagram’s new Reels to two new countries. Facebook and Instagram users in Estonia can now add music to their content. Making…