Here are 11 of the best new songs from RouteNote artists to brighten your Friday – turn that music up loud!

Hello, weekend! It’s Friday and that means a whole load of new music going onto our RouteNote playlists.

RouteNote’s in house playlists are crammed full of great tracks. Every week we hand-pick songs for our four playlists – HookedCatalystLo-Fi, and Tranquilize.

Each mix captures a different mood to suit however you’re feeling and whatever mischief you’re getting up to this weekend. Below are 11 of the best tracks hitting the playlists this Friday.

All these fabulous featured artists chose RouteNote to distribute their music. For the chance to get your music on our in house playlists, upload your songs with RouteNote today – it’s free.

Lorenz Koin, Bromage – Pulling Me Under

The first pick from our Hooked playlist of high-tempo tracks is “Pulling Me Under,” featuring catchy melodies and a motivational beat.

SP3CTRUM, Stephen Geisler – The Way

Next up from Hooked is “The Way.” Handclaps keep the pace up whilst the ominous bass builds the excitement to push you into the weekend.

Rydhen, Pold Castin – C90

Rydhen and Pold Castin are ready to help you prepare for the club with a build that’ll get your blood pumping. Turn up the bass to embrace that pulsing synth hook.

Marin Hoxha – Particle

Heading into our Catalyst playlist now for some House gems. The shimmering loops of “Particle” would be a great soundtrack for your leisurely weekend jog.

Pawoh – Sunset

Next, loosen up with the swinging beat and chill vibe of Pawoh’s “Sunset,” the next tune from our Catalyst playlist.

Rolipso, PYASTA, imallryt – Show Me

Get everyone up and moving with the final selection from our Catalyst mix. Those vocal layers and haunting harmonies contrast cleverly with the charged upbeat flow.

creamy, untrusted, 11:11 Music Group – spooky, scary skeletons (lofi mix)

Didn’t you hear? Spooky season’s here, and the children’s tune “Spooky, Scary Skeletons” has been reshaped into a funky and jazzy lo-fi track. Taken from our Lo-Fi playlist. Hallowe’en, but cute.

simmerdown – stabs duty

The final track chosen from our Lo-Fi playlist comes from one of the RouteNote team! Yep, lots of us are musicians too. But we’re not playing favourites by including rising female producer simmerdown this week – hit play and you’ll understand why “stabs duty” made the cut.

Vannorte – Lotusland

Last up, three tracks from our Tranquilize mix. Press play on “Lotusland” on Monday and let the graceful guitar set you on a relaxed course for the week ahead.

Ace Gordon – MohicanNIGHTS (Chillout Mix)

Next, Ace Gordon’s track has a good groove but also an easy listening feel that fits right in on our Tranquilize playlist.

Seyu, Padre Tóxico – For A Real One

And lastly on Tranquilize, the captivating “For A Real One” opens with a shuffling drum rhythm before heading down twisting avenues of RnB, soul and hip-hop.