RouteNote’s new and improved artwork upload page

We’ve updated our ‘Upload Artwork’ page to look better, work better and prepare to make your cover art even better quality on stores.

When you log in to and upload your music you’ll notice we have a new and improved page to upload your artwork from that looks fresh and makes it easier to use.

Tired of rooting through folders to find your artwork? Upload your image by simply dragging and dropping the file into the page with new Drag and Drop support.

You’ll also notice a message warning you that our requirements for cover art dimensions will be changing soon. 

Next month we will require the dimensions of your artwork image to be 3000px instead of 1425px to ensure the highest quality on stores.

Until then you can still upload anything between 1425px and 3000px dimensions if it is exactly square.

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    Somehow, I get “Please add you album artwork” message when trying to save and continue after uploading a file and therefor can’t proceed.

    Please make sure your image’s file name doesn’t have any special characters or symbols. You can also try clearing your cache, cookies, and site data from your web browser and that should help. If you still can’t upload your artwork after that send the file to our team at with your UPC and they’ll be able to help you out.

    I had the same issue and drove myself nuts before I saw the June 5th response from RouteNote. Yes, the >filename< was the issue for me! Once I removed the parentheses (), my artwork uploaded. Thanks for solving this problem! Cheers!

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