Thanks to RouteNote, my release is on TikTok, but the track starts at the wrong point. No problem! We can help you change that.

Distributing your music to TikTok can be essential to finding growth in 2023. At RouteNote, we provide independent artists with the same tools as the most popular musicians and labels in the world. With RouteNote, artists of any size can upload their music to TikTok for free.

Choosing the right portion of your audio to be available on TikTok can be the difference between finding viral fame or not. When you upload to TikTok through RouteNote, the track will last for one minute (unless your track is shorter than 60 seconds) and automatically start from 29 seconds in, however we can change this for you.

How to change the start time of your song on TikTok

Once you’ve uploaded your release, picked TikTok as a store, and your release has been approved, simply get in touch with RouteNote’s support team with your release UPC and preferred start time in this format – 00:00

Find out how to upload your music to TikTok for free here!