We work with YouTube to protect artists’ music and make sure they get paid whenever their tracks are used. This can be confusing for some YouTube creators, so we’re here to clear it up.

When an artist selects Content ID for music distribution with us, that means it gets added to YouTube’s library of content recognition so that they know any time it is used in any music. This allows creators to use the music they love in their videos whilst ensuring the creator’s of the tunes get paid at the same time – win win!

However, we do understand how receiving a claim on your channel can be a worrying sight at first for a creator. We’re here to let you know not to worry. First of all, it’s not a copyright strike which affects your channel and has no bearing over the future of your channel.

All a claim does is allow the revenue earned on a video to go to the owners of the music copyrights. It’s that simple! Check out our video below for more information.

So if you’ve been claimed by us and you don’t think you should have or you have the right to use it, simply dispute the claim on YouTube and our team will check it out and release it as soon as possible if we can.

For more information, head to our Support Hub where we have lots more information.