With shutdowns of lots of public spaces and events it’s going to be a hard few months for lots of performing artists.

As cases of Coronavirus spread across the world countries are reacting to it in a number of ways. Unfortunately cancelling events and telling people to work from home is going to leave a lot of performers in very difficult positions.

Each country is reacting differently and you should be aware both of what your local government officials are saying and your national government policies and responses are for musicians particularly freelance. You can’t perform gigs at home so this will be a serious loss for many artists.

Hopefully any venues and organisers you have plans with will get in touch straight away if there are changes. Unfortunately we have seen that is not always the case. Stay in contact with them and make sure you know where you stand with any arrangements and plans.

Find out if you have local union or agency that helps cover freelance and self-employed musicians. If you’re concerned about the potential loss of income find out if you have a local or national body in the country you’re in that is there to advise or help you through this.

If you’re in the UK we know of three great organisations who could be of help and are there to offer advice:

The Association of Independent Music

UK Music

Musicians’ Union

It is also important that as a music community we stay together (maybe not physically!) to provide moral support and advice for each other. Speak to other artists in your area and country to find out how they’re copying or give them some much needed advice on surviving without income from concerts.

It’s going to be a very difficult period and depending on how your country is reacting may leave you in a sticky financial situation. It’s good to be prepared and talk to people to ensure that you are doing the best that you can for your own security.

Try and stay positive!

We will all get through this no matter how hard the coming months may be. If you have to self isolate, at the very least it gives us a period to rest and get creative with our instruments and software. We’re expecting to hear quite a few new records from all of you over the next couple months as you find yourselves stuck at home with your instruments and DAWs!

Take care out there, follow the measures set by your governments (we hope they are helping you) and help each other in the ways that you are able to.