Roland have revealed that they plan to buy a 70% stake in headphone makers V-Moda, suggesting we could be seeing some new headphones from Roland.

Japanese music tech manufacturers Roland have revealed their plans to pick up a 70% stake in V-Moda, Hollywood based headphone creators, for a majority ownership. Roland are famed for instruments like their keyboards used around the world and their famous drum machines, in particular the TR-808 drum machine which saw a trending hashtag in commemoration yesterday on 8/08.

Whilst the deal would see Roland take a majority share V-Moda say that won’t mean Roland taking over their business as they see it instead as a “strategic partnership”. It will be interesting to see what their partnership results in but it’s hard to see the company with 30% ownership remaining in control.

A lot of the details of the deal are currently remaining confidential but V-Moda’s CEO Val Kolton said the following in a statement:

It’s a strategic synergy that will bridge the high-quality sound, materials and design of our products with the legendary genre-changing sound expertise and commitment to excellence from Roland. Roland’s 808, 909, the contribution to the development of MIDI protocol and countless products helped to lay the foundation and forge today’s music, and together we can carry on the tradition.

Whilst Roland will take majority ownership Kolton will still remain CEO of V-Moda, though with advisors from Roland no doubt taking part. As well V-Moda will retain it’s own brand so that products will keep their packaging and logos. Whilst it’s not definite that Roland will produce any of their headphones as a result of this “strategic partnership” we may at least get their influence on new V-Moda products.