4 years after French startup Whyd started to create a social place for music lovers to share music they’re open sourcing their website and creating a speaker.

Whyd was started in a small Parisian apartment in the summer of 2012 with aim of creating an online community for producers, artists, venues, fans, and anyone who loves music to come together in a social, digital space for music.

Since it’s inception it’s built a community of over 100,000 users on it’s social network. Now after 4 years Whyd are opening their platform up to become open source and will formally be known as Openwhyd. Becoming open source will allow users around the world to modify and enhance the platform.

Whyd described this change as “giving you the keys to our house” and hope that their passionate users will help to develop Openwhyd with their unique skill. In their announcement they said: “Whyd’s social network might see important changes in the future through the work of our community. Designers, engineers and storytellers who are using the platform every day are already joining forces to continue the development of the platform.” Openwhyd will be lead by Whyd’s head engineer Adrien Joly.

Whyd platform speaker tech teaser

As their social platform goes open source the rest of the company is focusing on physical products. Whyd have teased a speaker that they’re “launching this Summer and can’t wait to show you”. Not much is know about the upcoming speaker but Whyd promise it will feature “ultra high-end audio and intelligent voice control”.

They’ve launched a tease site where you can sign up with your email to be the first to hear any updates. Even more, if you sign up to receive news about the speaker you can get $50 off the Whyd speaker when it launches.

Head here to sign up with your email: home.whyd.com