Roland have launched their first music-based game application for iOS and Android devices.

TR-REC GAME is now Roland’s first ever mobile game, an application that combines rhythm-based, touchscreen gameplay with the music devices and over 40 years of music production experience of Roland. The game is visually presented in a similar design and style to the TR drum machines of the 80s.

Imagine playing Guitar Hero but your mobile device is your screen and controller and a drum machine is your interface. The game will use sounds from Roland’s TR-808 and TR-8 machines and the game centres on recreating the rhythms played by the app as they get progressively harder and tonally complex.

The app features 16 musical selections and 48 stages through which you can play, tap and earn points for the more accurately you recreate beats and tunes. When you fail to complete a song in the set time you will lose a life, and such is the app.

You can download TR-REC GAME for free right now on the Google Play and Apple app stores.