Image Credit: RØDE

The new Windows and Mac software from RØDE allows you to record up to four NT-USB Mini microphones simultaneously.

While somewhat limited on sound quality, USB microphones are a great and cheap way to record podcasts directly onto a laptop without the need for external mixers. However recording more than one microphone onto one computer can get messy. RØDE Connect fixes this issue… sort of.

RØDE Connect is a simple application for recording and mixing up to four microphones, perfect for podcasting and livestreaming. So what’s the catch? Unfortunately RØDE Connect only works with the microphone company’s own $99 NT-USB Mini.

Connect up to four NT-USB Minis to a single computer to create professional-quality podcasts easily, with complete control over your recording. Featuring broadcast-style faders, level metering, mute button, multi-channel recording and more, the intuitive recording interface is inspired by the RØDECaster Pro, a hardware audio interface designed for recording multiple XLR microphones. Before you’re ready to fork out $600 on the mixer, plus a few hundred for some professional microphones, RØDE Connect could be a great first step for those starting out in the space.

RODE Connect
Image Credit: RØDE

Streamline the control of your microphone audio and external applications. RØDE Connect gives you seamless integration of external audio sources, with a simple way to route audio from chat applications, gameplay sound, mic audio and more, ideal for livestreaming gamers. You can easily add system audio to the mix for all sounds from your computer or a single application such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc. RØDE Connect gives you dedicated output control for streaming apps like OBS or Xplit.

The free application unlocks digital signal processing with the NT-USB Mini. Improve the quality of your output at the touch of a button, via compression and noise gate, plus effects Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom, found in the RØDECaster Pro. EQ and compression is handled on the microphones internally, lightening the load on your computer, essential for gaming.

RØDE have stated they may open the software up to more RØDE microphones: “We are actively looking at how we can expand the selection of microphones available for use with RØDE Connect, and where possible we will integrate other RØDE mics into the solution.”

RØDE Connect is free for Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 or later. Simply head here, click DOWNLOAD NOW and enter your email address.

Key features (from RØDE):

  • Connect up to four NT-USB Minis to a single computer – no complex routing required
  • Completely free to download with versions for both Mac and Windows
  • Access to the NT-USB Mini’s powerful digital signal processing including a noise gate, compressor and the legendary APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom
  • Fully featured recording interface, complete with broadcast-style faders, level metering, mute buttons and more
  • Virtual channels for seamlessly connecting remote guests, integrating streaming applications, adding music beds and much more
  • Automatic mix-minus on every channel for crystal clear, echo-free audio

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