Behringer has announced the 1273, a new dual-channel microphone preamplifier that pays tribute to the classic Neve 1073.

The Neve 1073, known for its rich sound and distinctive 3-band EQ, has been a mainstay in recording studios since the 1970s. Behringer’s goal is to bring this coveted sound to modern home studios at a significantly lower price point.

The 1273 boasts many features you’d find on the original Neve design too. For example, it offers up to 80 dB of gain for boosting weak microphone signals to line level while offering a stepped gain knob for precise control over your output.

Meanwhile, a tone switch allows you to optimize the preamp for different microphone types, such as dynamic or notoriously fragile ribbon mics.

Versatility is a key characteristic of the 1273 with its 3-band EQ that provides tonal shaping options and allows you to distinguish and customise the crossover frequencies with selectable low, mid, and high bands.

Additionally, the high-pass filter makes it easy to eliminate unwanted low rumble. However, those with their own external processors and effect racks can bypass the EQ section entirely. You can even make use of its insert path and integrate your outboard hardware such as compressors, EQs and other effects.

Behringer claims the 1273 is more than just a replica, though. The company has collaborated with one of the original Neve engineers to ensure the 1273 captures the essence of the classic design while meeting the demands of contemporary equipment.

As a result, the Behringer 1273 boasts high-quality, MIDAS-designed input & output transformers that maintain signal clarity.

The Behringer 1273 is currently available for pre-order and is expected to ship in the coming months at a competitive price point. This offering from Behringer makes the sound of the legendary Neve 1073 more accessible to home studio owners and project studios with tighter budgets.