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Spotify is now on Roblox with its Spotify Island experience, where fans and artists can meet in virtual form – and there’s now an area dedicated to K-pop.

Spotify has created a virtual universe on Roblox, teaming up with the gaming platform to make its own experience, Spotify Island. The first theme is K-Park, an experience within the space themed around K-Pop, including Kpop Roblox games and a music-maker.

Spotify Island is the first of a series of areas that Spotify says will appear throughout the year. Within the network of islands will be music-themed games, themed experiences and the chance for fans to interact with artists.

The first “themed experience” is the K-Park area, dedicated to the K-Pop genre. Stray Kids and SUNMI are the first artists to feature.

Players can make K-pop beats at the Soundtrap station. There’s food-themed elements like the Bubble Tea waterfall and K-Café where users can meet other fans, as well as games including the Rainbow Boba Straw.

What is Roblox? Roblox is a free online universe where users can hang out together in a virtual space and play games. Within the platform, there’s the potential for music artists to connect with fans remotely, appearing as avatars, playing virtual shows and hanging out with fans in backstage areas.

Spotify says any profits through virtual merchandise will go straight back to the artists. In the past, Roblox has seen virtual concerts by a range of artists such as Lil Nas X, 24KGoldn, and Royal Blood. During the pandemic, these sorts of live streamed virtual experiences were especially helpful for artists who couldn’t connect with fans in person.

What links the island to Spotify? The branding is there – users can collect the Spotify “Like” button in exchange for merch for their avatar. Players can collect points and climb to the top of “The Charts.”

Players also create music using virtual beat-making stations within the island, with beats provided by Soundtrap, Spotify’s online DAW. Gamified music creation is already popular on Roblox, including the Splash world in which players use AI-powered tools to make and perform live music.

Check out the island here, and stream a themed Spotify playlist below:

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