Pitch Pilot are giving your guitar wings with pitch bending for individual strings giving your playing a spicy kick.

Whammy bars are great fun but do you ever wish you could use them to pitch bend just one string? That’s what Pitch Pilot

are trying to do with their custom pitch bend tool which you apply to individual strings for bend control over that string only with the push of a finger.

The man behind the Pitch Pilot, Tim Clarke started his journey to creating it over 6 years ago when he hand crafted his first prototype with scrap metal. He felt inspired by the pitch benders of old like the “B-Bender“, but Clarke wanted to create something that could be put on and taken off of a guitar as easily as a whammy bar, rather than a permanent modification.

Clarke says: “The Pitch Pilot allows for new musical expressions, allowing guitarists to expand their sound repertoires… With a quick and simple alteration, guitarists can create endlessly dynamic musical sounds unlike anything previously possible.”

Guitar World got a lucky exclusive trial with the Pitch Pilot bars. Paul Riario for Guitar World says: “Pitch Pilot is an innovative mod that allows you to transform your guitar into a bender on any string. It’s really easy to use, quick to install, and allows you to add some dynamic bends to your playing. Definitely check it out.”

You can help make the Pitch Pilot a reality by funding them on their Kickstarter where you can can get one for $75, expected to be shipped in June if they reach their goal of £19,624. You can find out more and back the project: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1885671927/pitch-pilot-put-wings-on-your-strings