Set yourself apart from the rest of the world listening to music with Meizu’s colourful injection of light into a standard pair of earphones.

Have you had enough of plain wires on your earphones? If you’re looking for something a bit different then Meizu may have the earphones for you. Their new Halo earphones fit straight into a cyberpunk future with a long neon flashing cable in either red or blue.

The 1.5 meter cable lights up and flashes for on average 5 hours at half brightness. If you’re looking to actually listen to music and not just show yourself off then the Bluetooth earphones can last up to 15 hours without the lights on. It takes roughly 1.5 hours to charge the earphones so they require a bit of dedication before you can transform into a glowing raver of the night.

Meizu’s Halo earphones use a slider control switch to turn the lights on and off and control intensity, and they can go pretty bright. The Halo earphones have a companion app which lets you customise exactly the sort of light you want with different lighting modes and brightness settings. They come in Red and Blue for now but if there are enough colourful listeners out there there’s potential for more.

The earphones use Fibrance technology created by Corning, which is a light-diffusing optical fiber. Their lighting technology is unique in that it can produce vibrant lighting where similar, bulkier lighting elements could not fit thanks to it’s ability to bend, curve and wrap around “almost anything, while maintaining bright, beautiful and uniform light”. The flexibility of the glass-created, optical fibers means that they can be used and embedded in almost any application, including providing neon lighting for Meizu’s Halo earphones.

Meizu Halo earphones will go on sale at the end of April for 999 yuan (roughly $158) in China. They haven’t said whether they plan to release them outside of China yet, such an extroverted product will definitely sell in China but I could see the US falling in love with them too.