Image Credit: Receiptify

Find your top artists on Spotify or Apple Music with Receiptify! A bit like Spotify Wrapped, it shows your top 10 tracks, artists, and genres – but on a restaurant bill.

Receiptify is a new, fun way to see your Spotify, Apple Music or listening history. Your top tracks and most listened to artists are listed on a restaurant receipt, like you’ve just been given the bill at the end of a meal.

What delicious musical morsels have you munched on the most over the last year? Receiptify is a bit like a sneak peak at your Spotify Wrapped or Apple Music Replay before the year is up, presenting your most-streamed tracks in a way you’re proud to share. Maybe. Depending on your listening history, that is.

Go to and tap either Spotify, Apple Music, or to log in.

This gives the application access to your listening history, but it won’t use your data otherwise.

You can then explore your receipts!

Data is split into lists of 10 Top Tracks, Top Artists, and Top Genres.

Within each section you can view your data from the last month, six months and total tracks from all time, all in slightly crumpled receipt form.

You can then hit Download to save individual receipts or share them on your social media.

The yearly recap of Spotify Wrapped meanwhile is fast approaching, much-loved by listeners, and artists can get ready too by checking out these top tips from Spotify.

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