Image Credit: Musixmatch

Musixmatch uses AI to make podcasts more accessible with transcription tools that automatically provide podcast scripts.

Musixmatch specialises in providing live-synced lyrics to songs to platforms like Spotify and Shazam. Now the music data company has turned to podcasts to provide automatic transcripts. Podcasters can use the tools to transcribe their episodes, and tag speakers and topics.

Powered by AI technology, Musixmatch also sought to improve podcast discovery and sharing tools. the company pointed out that with 4,000,000 shows and over 60,000,000 episodes, podcasters struggle to get their content heard, and listeners struggle to find new shows amongst the noise.

The project has been bubbling away for the last year or so in testing mode. It’s also a way to make podcasts more inclusive to people listening to an episode in a foreign language, and those with hearing impairments.

The hope is to make podcasts more searchable. Without transcription, even with accurate metadata, the content of a podcast episode is hidden from search engines. Data analysis means that using Musixmatch Podcasts users can search for a keyword and shows will appear that match, no matter what language you’ve searched in.

The Bologna-based company’s work with DSPs like Spotify mean that it is well placed to turned its attention to podcasts. It’s a timely move given Spotify in particular is investing heavily in spoken word for future growth.

The tool provides transcriptions generated by AI alongside community transcriptions to ensure accuracy and better quality metadata – providing a human touch.

In the works is an audiograms feature – short square videos featuring podcast audio and the text, to be posted on social media. Right now you can already share chunks of podcast text by easily making a shareable link that you can post on social media.

Check out the new podcast platform here!

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