Image Credit: The Rock Revival

Peter Gabriel, known for his genre-defying music, has unveiled his latest single, “This Is Home,” as part of his upcoming album, “i/o.”

The song, released on a full moon, offers a unique blend of Motown-inspired rhythms and Skrillex’s contemporary influence, resulting in a track that showcases Gabriel’s musical versatility.

This is Home

“This Is Home” is the tenth release from Gabriel’s highly anticipated “i/o” album, and it’s already generating excitement among fans and critics alike. The song, available for streaming, was conceived during a studio session with Skrillex, although the renowned electronic artist doesn’t feature on the final recording.

Gabriel explained the genesis of the collaboration with Skrillex, stating, “I’d had a call from Skrillex, who’s a very talented musician, and I thought it would be interesting to see what he had in mind, so he came to my home studio, and we sat down and talked and tried to evolve bits and pieces, and it was mainly for this song.”

While Skrillex initially encouraged Gabriel to explore themes related to nightlife and staying up all night in nightclubs, the veteran artist took a different approach, focusing on themes of family and home. Gabriel reflected on this creative process, saying, “Though we took the song in this other direction, it was an interesting experience nonetheless, and I think it is good for me to be taken outside my normal comfort zone sometimes.”

“This Is Home” draws inspiration from Motown’s iconic rhythm sections, infusing modern elements into the mix. Gabriel elaborated on the song’s production, explaining, “We’re trying to recreate that in a modern way, complete with the tambourine and handclaps. The groove I like a lot, Tony Levin does a great bass part there.”

The track also features the Swedish male voice choir Orphei Drängar and an orchestral arrangement by John Metcalfe. Gabriel’s unique approach to vocals, including a low voice/high voice contrast, adds an intimate and emotive dimension to “This Is Home.”

Accompanying the release is artwork by David Moreno, known for his contemporary art that features house-like symbols connected by piano wire. The visual art complements the song’s themes of home and relationships.

Peter Gabriel’s ongoing releases on each full moon have built anticipation for “i/o,” an album that promises to showcase his continued innovation and musical exploration. As the musician continues to experiment with diverse influences and collaborators, fans can look forward to more surprises and fresh sounds from this iconic artist.