Spotify’s new live, collaborative playlist opens the queue up to the party.

Last week, Spotify announced Spotify Jam. The new feature lets Premium users start a Jam which is a collaborative queue that allows those invited and at the party to contribute to the queue with their own additions.

This is the perfect party tool as it lets everyone get involved, contributing their own music to the queue. The Jam creator has the power though, and can remove tracks from the queue and decides who’s in or out of the the Jam.

But how many people can join a Spotify Jam? Up to 32 people can join a Spotify Jam at one time to create the perfect, live and evolving party playlist. That’s a decent party’s worth of people so should satisfy those looking to get together and jam – any more and you risk absolute musical chaos!

Premium users are able to join Spotify Jam from anywhere in the world. So, if your house doesn’t quite fit 32 but you’re looking for more music aficionados to beef out the playlist with some gold, your friends can make up the numbers from elsewhere as long as they have Premium.