Roland have just launched a mixer just for smartphones that offers diverse and quality mixing from a device that can slide into your pockets.

The Roland GO:MIXER PRO could revolutionise the travelling musician or the podcaster on the go. The device slots into smartphones like they were carved from the same stone and offers high quality recording and mixing with 9 whole audio inputs packed into a square barely bigger than your phone itself.

The GO:MIXER PRO’s size wouldn’t suggest it’s capability of recording pro-quality powered microphones, guitar/bass and line-level gear. Plug any inputs you want to record in, set the volume levels using the knobs and the mixer will send the stereo audio output straight to your smartphone which you can then do with whatever you wish.

Roland go mixer pro portable mixing recording record music instruments microphone vocals band

The mixer enables you to record instruments and microphones on the go but is also a great accompaniment to video. If you’re live streaming from your phone, connect up your GO:MIXER PRO and a microphone to get some professional audio on your videos.

It’s not a one-of-it’s-kind product but Roland make a quality product and this is probably one of the best options for portable, smartphone mixers when it comes to quality and capabilities. It isn’t the cheap option however, coming in at an MSRP of $199.99 (although you can find it for cheaper), but it’s recording quality is definitely more substantial than a half price alternative. You might not be taking it into the studio but for a portable mixer it seems like a great option.

Find out more from Roland’s website.