Dogs are often left out of musical conversations. “No fingers” they say, or “got no rhythm”. Well the next time you’re in an argument over the canine capacity for musicality prove those naysayers wrong with these fine specimens.

1. I could listen to these beautiful droplets all day. I can see this dog on stage with a big double bass accompanying his groove. Through the smoke clouded room under the pavement in the forgotten jazz club, Cookie the blind and deaf dog channels Beethoven in the 21st Century.

2. This dog has better tone than you and you know it. The Blues revival starts here. Petition for Glastonbury 2021?

3. That last dog is gonna need a support act. This dude’s pitch might need some work but he’s got that pure unbridled southern soul that gets the cowboys kicking boots and launching knees at the midnight hoedown.

4. Maple is a drummer. They were born to play the drums and that is what they do. They do it in time, they do it with style, they do it with an exalted class. Can you even picture going to a gig and having to put up with a human drummer again after watching this? There is a solution: We just breed and refine an endless line of Maples.

5. Avant-Garde music has become stale in the last few decades. Pushing the boat out with something weird and jarring is more common than popular boybands. That’s a real stat – don’t look it up! This dog has proven that their are still boundaries to be pushed. Art is still possible in a world over-encumbered with creation. This is the FUTURE! Music starts here and don’t you forget it. Where were you when the new age of artistic expression was born into this world? Right f**king here, baby.