MTV Executive Tells His Friends He Is The New Myspace Music CEO

Courtney Holt, MTV’s chief of digital music, has told friends he will accept the job as MySpace Music’s new CEO, according to a source close to Holt.

His name is not yet on the dotted line, but Holt has given a verbal commitment to MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe, said a music industry source. MySpace Music is the newly launched digital music service formed by News Corp. and the four largest recording companies. The service will sell downloads of unprotected Mp3s and offer ad-supported streaming music.

“Anything can happen when there isn’t a signature, but it looks like he’s the new CEO,” said the music industry insider.

Spiral Frog: Ad Supported Startup Has Three Million Tracks in their Catalogue

Spiralfrogfinallogojpg_2 A lot of people are talking about how a weak economy is affecting advertising revenues and from my experiences this is definitely the case. However, because advertising is suffering some journalists also expect that to have an effect on ad-supported music startups, such as Spiral Frog.This is definitely not the case, mainly because they provide royalties as a percentage of their revenues.

For Spiral Frog that have now reached a new milestone in terms of their catalog size, over three million songs are now available through their service.Music videos for download also increased to almost 5000 and registered users have grown to 2.3 million according to the company.

SprialFrog believes this is the largest total number of registered users on any legal, free music download site, but offered no details as to how active the users are.

According to Joe Mohen, founder and chairman, “With the current economic turmoil and the potential threat of a recession looming, the offering of free music is very attractive to budget conscious consumers.” SpiralFrog’s biggest competition isn’t paid downloads, however, it’s free pirated mp3’s via P2P. It is also unclear how the economic downturn will effect the advertising revenue that all ad-supported sites require.

Techcrunch UK Feature RouteNote

RouteNote received some great press this morning by the UK version of the worlds largest technology weblog, Techcrunch.

Mike Butcher was nice enough to provide some great insights

I think this model generally works – unsigned or independent labels don’t want to pay money up front with no guarantees of selling anything, but they do want a route to market.

RouteNote is a great way for unsigned bands to get themselves to market, then it is all about promotion, promotion, promotion.

Walmart Updates Their Mp3 Music Download Store

Walmart_logoA revamped MP3 store launched today with aggressive pricing and new features that take full advantage of Walmart’s reach, clout and the chain’s brick and mortar locations:

  • 3 million MP3‘s from all four major labels and some independents
  • Top 25 songs from artists start at $.74. Standard pricing is $.94
  • Free Track Of The Week
  • Free mp3 of the customer’s choice with every CD purchase in stores or online beginning mid-November
  • Exclusive Soundcheck performances including upcoming shows with Beyonce, Nickelback and current American Idol, David Cook

The new download store also includes social features to display albums on social networking sites and blogs, as well as, enhanced search and discovery features.

EMI Lose $1.2 billion in the Last Financial Year

It has just been finalised that EMI lost a huge $1.2 billion in their financial year ending March 31st. This figure dwarfed the prio year’s $455 million in the red.

Some losses stem from restructuring after Terra Firma’s takeover. But EMI underperformed its competitors using most benchmarks. CD sales at EMI fell 45% from 2005 to 2007 compared to an average market decline of 19%. EMI projected 51% revenue growth in digital saled and delivered 29% growth despite being the first to drop DRM.

“There should be no false expectations,” the report stated. “EMI cannot be turned around overnight.” I dont see how EMI can get out of this current situation, and im sure in the current global economy situation there is no chance anyone will acquire what is left of the EMI assets.

RouteNote on the DailyBits Blog

We’ve been featured on the DailyBits blog – here’s what they said: Online Music Distribution Service

The Internet has changed a large number of industries and market segments, and music distribution is no exception. Album sales are dropping year after year, and online music sharing or market places like iTunes are prospering.

For a normal band or independent artist, however, it could become cumbersome to discover all the right places and strategies to promote and sell music online. In order to solve this problem, there are some companies appearing to bridge the gap between not so tech-savvy music artists and the myriad of online opportunities available for them.

RouteNote is one of them. The promise is to promote and sell the music of independent artists through online partnerships. What they want in return? 10% of the sales revenues. Here is a quote from the about page:

Onsite, artists can upload tracks to the RouteNote catalogue and enter into a non exclusive agreement permitting us to distribute their music to a worldwide audience in a matter of moments. They then select partnered retail outlets that they wish their music to be available through (e.g. Napster, Snocap, Samsung Mobile) and within moments their songs are earning money as part of a world wide, web wide, distribution network. Our rates for providing a distribution service are currently the best in the market, and our ever expanding catalogue gives us increasing muscle with which to negotiate deals from which everyone, artists, clients and distribution partners included will all benefit.

Should the idea work, it would be pretty compelling to music artists that wants to get started online.


Tech News Source blog about RouteNote

RouteNote is an online music distribution site that gives music artists a way to promote their work online to a large worldwide audience in a matter of moments. This is a great service for music artists looking to get exposure to their work on the web.

There is a very popular shift to buying music online, as well as having music artists promote themselves independently through online and mobile music outlets. RouteNote was created to take advantage of this shift by offering music artists a way to easily promote their work. Also, considering that RouteNote is partnered with some of the largest retailers on the web, music artists will get “massive and immediate availability for their tracks.”

Here is a little bit about RouteNote and how their service works:

Onsite, artists can upload tracks to the RouteNote catalogue and enter into a non exclusive agreement permitting us to distribute their music to a worldwide audience in a matter of moments. They then select partnered retail outlets that they wish their music to be available through (e.g. Napster, Snocap, Samsung Mobile) and within moments their songs are earning money as part of a world wide, web wide, distribution network.

RouteNote- Music Distribution Service Helping Artists with Self-Publication

After you sign-up with RouteNote, which is absolutely free, you will be offered the following:

  1. Worldwide Exposure
  2. Receive 90% from All Download Sale
  3. Signing Up Wont Stop You From Signing With a Record Label
  4. Forward Looking Partnerships and Marketing Expertise

So, if you are an artist that is looking for a way to get your music out to the ever growing online market, then you should go check out RouteNote and see what all they have to offer. If you have used RouteNote please post a comment letting us know what you think about their service.


RouteNote on HypeBot

Steve does a little Q&A session on HypeBot – repeated here:

We continue our ongoing 4QFor (Four Questions For) series with Steven Finch, the CEO of Insomnia Ltd, which owns music 2.0 start-ups,,, and a record label and recording studio. You can learn more about Steve’s companies here. (Read more 4QFor interviews with the heads of OurStage, Sonicbids, imeem, We7, ReverbNation, New Music Strategies and Nimbit here.)

Q1.  What major changes in the music industry do you foresee over the next year?
2008 will be a very interesting year for the music industry. We will continue to see the major labels complaining about the music industry declining, when in fact it is only CD sales that are heading downwards. The distance between the major labels and independent labels will continue to get closer, thus proving in this day and age that artists don’t need a major label to succeed!

Q2.  How are you and your company preparing to benefit from these changes?
We strongly believe in independent artists and labels being able to promote their music to the widest possible audience, without having to worry about barriers to market. RouteNote wants to eliminate these barriers for independent or unsigned artists, and allow good artists to stand out from the crowd.

Q3.  What excites you?
The music industry as a whole really excites me. It is changing and twisting all the time and with so many emerging business models in the marketplace at present, who knows which ones will actually succeed or fail. Lots of people are talking about music heading towards ‘free’, I think this might be the case…

however I still believe users are willing to pay for something that is actually worth something. Im willing to pay for music as long as I know I can transfer it from computer to iPod to CD and back, whenever I want to and as many times as I want. A revolutionary watermarking service which tracks DRM free music is the way forward.

Q4. What’s next?
The music industry has always been based around old practices, and now it seems that it is time for new beginnings. RouteNote will enter the music market with the aim of providing artists what they want. Artists want ease of use, with the ability to profit from their achievements. RouteNote will provide this and more.


RouteNote 2.0 Has Launched

Here at RouteNote there have been a lot of changes made in the last few days. You will probably have noticed this once you logged onto the home page.

On the RouteNote home page you will first notice the background changes. Here at RouteNote we have tried to make the site a little less boring than before, thus a bit of colour around the place. Additionally, on the home page you will now see the video player, which will showcase the latest programming from RNTV, which is recorded here in Redruth in our recording studio Black and White. RNTV plans on showing some of the best bands from the South West of England and beyond. Every month new shows will be hitting the front page and our YouTube channel.

The other key addition to the home page is the coverflow video section. This coverflow style was made popular by iTunes, and here at RouteNote it is a great way for us to show some of our best artists. Every month we will be featuring more and more new artists in this section.

In the coming months you will see a lot of changes and additions to the RouteNote service. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on RouteNote or if you would like to feature in a video session, then please get in contact.