This Upcoming Plugin Lets You Mix Deeper Than Ever Before

Molecular Bytes have a new plugin on the way that detects single notes and sounds in a mix, for the most in-depth mixing ever.

Audio software developers Molecular Bytes promise a “new era in transient processing” with their upcoming AtomicTransient plugin. A polyphonic multichannel transient effect plugin, AtomicTransient processes your audio files and lets you control individual elements within a single file – it’s pretty amazing.

Process the drums in your mix with AtomicTransient and you can delete and edit the different pieces of the kit. Don’t like a certain cymbal? Easily remove it. Want to add some reverb but just to the bass drum? You can do just that. AtomicTransient doesn’t just work with percussion and drums though, it can also detect notes in recorded polyphonic instruments like guitar, and piece apart piano recordings.


Molecular Bytes exemplified their new plugins power with these possibilities: “Bring more sustain to a snare or remove specified drums in a mix. Enhance or reduce the plug of a guitar or even bring more groove to a complete mix by changing the envelope of base, snare or hi-hat individually in any way or extend the sustain of each note of a piano recording without touching other sounding notes. Reshape your instruments as easy as you do with your synthesizer.”

This all sounds pretty incredible, and as such incredibly ambitious. There’s no set date yet, Molecular Bytes just say “Coming soon…” on their website; so we will have to wait and see if AtomicTransient is truly as powerful as they claim. Assuming it does live up to (or exceed) expectations though this could be a game-changing plugin giving producers more power than ever before over their mixes.

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