AudioThing Offer Overdrive and Speaker Plugin Free For Customers

Prolific plugin developers AudioThing are back at it with a new Overdrive plugin with Speaker Emulation.

Their new plugin creatively titled ‘Speaker’ offers a simple but sweet sounding amp/effect combo. Customisation doesn’t go deep but offers enough to create some different overdriven tones.

There are 3 types of speaker to choose from: Bass, Mid, and High which affect the sound exactly as you’d expect. There are then 3 dials that adjust the effect settings: Drive, Gain, and Mix (dry to wet) with a built-in Compressor button. You can also save your presets or click a ‘Random’ button to randomise your parameters for a completely random tone.

Speaker’s available regularly for €15 (It’s currently on special offer at €9.95) though customers who own any other AudioThing plugins can get it for free. Until April 21st anyone who buys a new AudioThing plugin can also get Speaker for free.


Speaker is compatible with both PC and Mac and works with VST/AU/AAX. To get Speaker or browse AudioThings other plugins head here:

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