Lauryn Hill and Tidal Hosting Surprise Charity Festival Right Now

Lauryn Hill of Fugees fame has teamed up with Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal to host ‘Diaspora Calling!’ a three-day event in Brooklyn celebrating African music and art.

It started last night with a private art gallery in Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre. Diaspora Calling! is a celebration and acknowledgement of the rich culture of African art in music and visual art hosted by singer Lauryn Hill. The event is happening right now where the gallery has been opened up to the public from 12-4 and will be open at the same time tomorrow.

The music starts tomorrow and has unfortunately been sold out already. However as Hill has referred to it in a tweet as “the 1st Diaspora Calling! Music Festival” there could be more to come. For those of you with Tidal subscriptions however you can stream the concert live tomorrow, featuring artists such as Stephen “Ragga” Marley, Machel Montano and Jojo Abot as well as Ms. Hill herself.

Hill wrote a statement for the festival, saying: “Intended to celebrate the rich tapestry of artists from the African Diaspora while also illumining persistent and irrepressible themes… Even if we work independently, we are a resounding collective voice, both reconciling and embracing our relationship to history, our origins, our future and to ourselves.”

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