Sick of gaps between tracks? Well so are this company who are aiming to change the music tech industry with seamless sound.

According to a report, five seconds is the average amount of deadspace between tracks when they’re playing on streaming service. After a long streaming sesh, that’s a big amount of potential music listening lost. Super Hi-Fi are a new AI company with plans to change this.

Using their artificial intelligence technology called MagicStitch they are finding ways to fill and avoid that silence to make streaming music feel seamless. They see playback gaps as a serious detriment to keeping the energy going or having a complete listening experience.

They promise that their tech can ‘dynamically personalise audio’ using broadcast radio as the example of uninterrupted playback. The range of techniques they use include levelling the volume of tracks or transitions between the songs that make it smoother as the track changes.

Super Hi-Fi founder and CEO Zack Zalon says: “Our technology can calculate the ‘right’ transition between any two songs because it’s doing it in real time, even if these songs don’t seem like they’d work together at all. We’ve found you can take, say, a hit by a 90s pop artist and make it sound great segueing into a 50s bebop track.

“Normally that would be a pretty jarring experience, but because our technology knows what to do with it, it sounds amazing. The result effectively reconnects the presentation techniques of radio with the modern availability and quality of streaming, two formats that developed independently without exchanging ideas enough.”

Using the same AI they promise that they can create a range of custom transitions that make it all feel natural whilst killing the painful seconds of nothingness between music. They’re hoping they can tailor a different trademark sound for different streaming services to set them apart and make their product more varied and valuable.

According to the company themselves they are already handling over 300 million real-time transitions between tracks a month. Their background in music streaming, having built and run Muve Music, qualifies them to know internally how streaming services work.

Zalon adds: “Each one of our customers has used our technology in a different way… We can create unlimited combinations and approaches built from customised components. It should sound like a human produced it and sound distinct when it comes out of the speakers.”

They have already partnered with iHeart, Elevated Music, TargetSpot, and Napster. Super Hi-Fi plan to bring their technology to many more online services to re-transform the streaming experience.