FilterShaper XL is a reboot of Cableguys’ renowned dual filter plugin, FilterShaper 3, for producers and sound designers.

Thanks to its upgrades, this new powerhouse is packed with a slew of improvements and features.

Cableguys FilterShaper XL

FilterShaper XL is designed to offer complex modulation possibilities, although its standout features are its improved filters, multistage drive control, modernized interface, and Cableguys‘ latest LFO editing system.

As a result, FilterShaper XL offers a diverse range of sound-shaping options you can use to create subtle nuances and giant wobbles, stepped rhythms, and silky smooth sweeps.

Furthermore, FilterShaper XL boasts 20 vibrant filter types, 60 LFOs, and 50 Envelope Followers that you can choose from. This abundant level of resources provides more than enough creative tools to craft unique sounds, turn ordinary synth lines into twisted rhythmic mutations, basslines into pulsing patterns, and drums into thrilling filtered rhythms and modular-style FX.

The plugin’s dual filter system offers low-, band-, and high-pass filters, in addition to notch and peak shapes. In fact, it even includes warm filters inspired by Sallen-Key filters of a semi-modular synthesizer. Moreover, FilterShaper XL lets you run two filter sections in series or parallel, offering endless creative possibilities.

Cableguys has included a multistage drive control with switchable pre- or post-filter options on each filter too. Warm filters also feature Resonance Drive inside the resonance feedback stage, therefore providing analog warmth and grit.

Additionally, Cableguys proudly touts FilterShaper XL’s “best-ever” filter DSP, featuring zero-delay feedback (ZDF) algorithms, resonance compensation, internal saturation, and comprehensive oversampling throughout the signal path. Consequently, the plugin maintains its stellar sound quality even under the most extreme modulation settings.

Taking inspiration from Cableguys’ ShaperBox for a user-friendly experience, FilterShaper XL streamlines the LFO editing process by allowing you to design intricate modulation shapes for adding life and rhythm to your sounds. Meanwhile, the Envelope Followers also offer pro adaptive release, adjustable thresholds, input filtering, and external sidechain input for precise control.

Finally, FilterShaper XL includes 450 professionally crafted presets categorized for easy browsing, made to jump-start your creativity straight out of the box.

Pricing and availability

FilterShaper XL is available now for a limited-time introductory price of $49 before it retails for $79. The plugin is compatible with Windows & macOS systems, available in VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

Owners of the original FilterShaper 3 plugin can get this upgrade for free!