Sonnox’s stellar track record of delivering high-quality utility plugins for producers and mix engineers speaks for itself. Now, they’re looking to change the game of vocal processing.

Sonnox has unveiled its latest plugin, the Voca plugin. Promising to be the ultimate solution for achieving professional-sounding vocals efficiently and with ease, Voca may change the way we approach vocal production.

Sonnox Voca

For many in the music industry, juggling multiple plugins, deciphering complex controls, and sifting through contextless presets can be a long haul of a task. It can therefore hamper creativity and lead to subpar vocal production.

Sonnox’s Voca plugin aims to eradicate these challenges by providing a streamlined and intuitive interface that empowers mixing engineers and producers to achieve professional results faster.

“Every engineer, mixer, or producer knows that vocals are the star of any top-tier mix. Perfecting vocal production is indeed an art, and with Sonnox Voca, it’s an art that’s about to get a whole lot easier,” a Sonnox spokesperson declared.

Voca simplifies vocal processing by eliminating the need for multiple compressor plugins. It abandons the complexities of thresholds, ratios, time constants, gain reduction, and makeup gain, and instead introduces an innovative approach to vocal manipulation.

Furthermore, the plugin’s interface, operating on X and Y axes, allows users to shift the signal to achieve the desired levels of definition, saturation, warmth, presence, and “air.”

The main controls of Voca are Compression and Saturation. While the Compression control offers a spectrum of sounds, from ‘Stabilize’ to ‘Squish,’ the Saturation control provides options ranging from ‘Focus’ to ‘Saturate.’ Additionally, Voca features input and output controls, as well as a ‘Soften’ control to ensure transparent processing without overwhelming the audio.

One standout feature of Voca is its Input control which includes an Auto/Optimize toggle. By automatically adjusting the input to maintain the character of the compression, this function ensures the compression isn’t overly affected by incoming signals. Users can further fine-tune this process with the Optimise control too.

Finally, Voca also offers a recording mode that reduces latency, allowing you to use it in real time during recording sessions.

Pricing and availability

Sonnox’s Voca plugin is available to buy now from the Sonnx website for $94.18, available for both Windows macOS systems in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats.