Spotify are helping bring fans’ favourite artists into their homes with the introduction of loads more digital concerts from acts everywhere.

Virtual concerts have been a godsend for many of us in the last year, keeping the music alive and the joy of seeing it live whilst we haven’t been able to go out to the venues and stadiums that let us be in the room with it. Without the internet, it would’ve been a whole year without live music for many of us – imagine that!

More than ever, livestreamed music has been embraced by artists and fans alike and performances are being held around the world every day. Last year, Spotify brought virtual concerts onto their music streaming platform through artist pages’ ‘On Tour’ section through Songkick and Ticketmaster. It empowered listeners to find the concerts they could tune in to from the comfort of their living room whenever they landed on their artist profile.

Now Spotify are expanding their ticketing partnerships to include StageIt, Mandolin, NoCap, and Virtual concerts available by artists from these ticketers can now also be added to artist’s pages on Spotify and direct fans to their next truly socially distanced gig. Listings from these companies will be added into Spotify’s personalised emails letting listeners know about virtual events they won’t want to miss.

Artists setting up a virtual even with any of these ticketing companies will need to work with the company to make sure it ends up listed on their Spotify page. Unfortunately, concert listings can’t be done through Spotify for Artists and is still controlled by the third parties that Spotify is partnered with.

Spotify have been listing concerts on artist pages since 2016, giving fans a direct route to seeing their favourite acts in person (or for now, through the screen). Live performances can be an incredible way to engage with your audience, if you’re an artist looking to put on a virtual gig then check out Spotify’s top tips for making it great.