Home concerts are becoming the standard with a lack of real gigs, so make sure yours are good as they can be.

Venues shut and fans stuck at home? That’s not stopping artists around the world playing gigs for their supporters. We live in a connected age which is blessedly keeping us all together through this. If you’re looking to join the home concert hype then make sure you look and sound as great as you can performing from home.

Spotify have shared some great advice for people, getting details from some adept with adapting to this new lack of concerts and festivals.

There are tips how to turn your devices like phones and tablets into external webcams for your computer using OBS Studio. Meaning you can use your audio interface for quality sound whilst adding video if you lack a webcam.

Cloud Cult frontman Craig Minowa shares how he positions microphones to get a good sound that feels personal and comfy. Meanwhile DJ Mel has tips on how to livestream your electronic set from a living room and still drum up the energy and feeling of a set in a club.

Then pianist and songwriter Julian Velard has some advice, from his personal testimony of having to entirely learn livestreaming from scratch when everything kicked off recently. He now provides intimate piano performances and makes the most of the limited equipment to hand.

Find the great tips and advice for musicians and artists streaming at home here.