Pay to promote your content to over 1 billion viewers on TikTok.

TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world. They report over 1 billion monthly active users coming to watch videos, create their own, and take part in trends and music sharing.

TikTok promote is an advertising tool offered by TikTok as an easy way to boost your audience. It pushes your content further than it would go naturally to place it in front of more viewers in the For You Feed.

You choose how to use TikTok Promote. Decide whether your goal is to gain:

  • More video views
  • More website visits
  • More followers

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your presence on TikTok or want to build upon your existing fanbase, TikTok state that Promote is a great way to be seen.

You choose the budget and the video you wish to promote. TikTok reckons that you can reach up to 1000 views for just $10 dollars.


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