Microsoft Primed To Purchase Discord For Over $10 Billion

Image credit: Discord

Microsoft are currently in talks with Discord to acquire the voice chat software for a staggering $10 billion.

It has recently been reported that Microsoft is in talks with Discord to purchase the gaming-focused chat software for over $10 billion. However, Discord is supposedly exploring the idea of going public. 

As reported by Bloomberg, discussions appear to be early and no imminent deal has been struck. 

Discord has also been in discussions with Epic Games and Amazon. 

It has been speculated that Discord reached out to Microsoft to gauge their potential interest in the sale and that Xbox head Phil Spencer has been a part of these chats. This is of course all speculative but acquiring Discord would be incredibly beneficial for Microsoft. It would also be Microsoft‘s second-largest purchase this year, as they purchased Bethesda studios earlier in the year for a mind-blowing $7.5 billion. It’s certainly safe to say that Microsoft is looking to expand and potentially dominate the gaming industry. 

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