Image Credit: Epic Games / Spotify

In an interesting move away from games, Spotify for Windows is now available on the Epic Games Store, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these two companies work together.

There’s no special gaming additions with this version. The app is the exact same one you can download directly from Spotify or the Microsoft Store, but if you’d like to collate all of your apps into one store for easier managing, updating, uninstalling, etc. this could appeal to you.

It’s unusual for non-game titles to be released on the Epic Games Store and shows a potential future path Epic Games are looking into. It’s not the first time these companies have worked together. Both of these companies have been very vocal critics of Apple’s App Store policies. Epic Games, Spotify and other companies earlier this year formed The Coalition for App Fairness, fighting against Apple’s anti-competitive 30% tax on revenue through their store.

Download Spotify on the Epic Games Store here.