Image Credit: Spotify

Never lose your place on a podcast with a new update to Spotify which presents you with your latest podcast listens so you can jump right back in where you left off.

Spotify have updated their home screen with a small but brilliant addition that will stop the millions of podcast lovers making use of Spotify’s growing podcast content from missing a beat in their favourite podcasts. The place at the top of the home screen dedicated to recently played playlists and podcasts will now present unfinished podcasts so that listeners can catch up on what they missed in recent episodes they’ve listened to.

Quick resume means a simple tap from the home screen will now take users straight back into recently played podcasts as well as unfinished pieces. Podcasts that listeners have subscribed to will now show when they have a new episode with a blue dot signalling listeners to tap on it and listen to the latest from their favourites. This feature is for Premiumer users around the world.

Elsewhere on the home screen, users can now find a ‘History’ button which shows up to 3 months of listening history for both music and podcasts. Here listeners can find individual tracks and podcast episodes that they’ve been listening to. Both Premium and Free Spotify listeners can explore their new History section.

That’s not all that’s new! Spotify have added a new personalised recommendation spot for Premium users. A new surface highlighted at the top of their home screen that is dedicated to discovering new music will offer up a fresh selection based on users’ tastes.

Spotify have also recently updated the ‘Liked Songs’ section for users allowing them to sort it by genre and mood for the perfect themed playlist from all the music they have ‘heart’ed over the years.

Their new layout with these features are rolling out to both iOS and Android over the next month.