The biggest rock playlists on Spotify

This list includes the most-followed playlists listed as rock, classic rock, modern rock, alternative rock, glam rock, latin rock and more.

This list is partially based on Chartmetric’s genre tags for each of Spotify’s playlists.

1. Rock Classics

Genres: Rock, Album Rock, Classic Rock

9.2 million likes

2. Rock This

Genres: Rock, Pop Punk, Modern Rock

4.5 million likes

3. 90s Rock Anthems

Genres: Rock, Post-Grunge, Alternative Rock

4.3 million likes

4. This Is Queen

Genres: Glam Rock

3.9 million likes

5. Rock en Español

Genres: Latin Rock, Rock En Espanol

3.8 million likes

6. 00s Rock Anthems

Genres: Rock, Post-Grunge, Modern Rock

3.7 million likes

7. Soft Rock

Genres: Rock, Album Rock

3.0 million likes

8. This Is The Beatles

Genres: Merseybeat

2.7 million likes

9. This Is Coldplay

Genres: Permanent Wave

2.3 million likes

10. This Is Imagine Dragons

Genres: Rock, Modern Rock

2.0 million likes

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