A new app is helping give a platform to up-and-coming artists and bringing fans together over new music that they discover.

LÜM is a new music discovery based startup out of Madison, Wisconsin. With a music streaming app that focuses on bringing new and emerging artists to light, they want to provide an alternative to the current streaming models that dominate music.

LÜM CEO and co-founder, Max Fergus said: “LÜM is on a mission to create a platform where artists can finally succeed outside traditional streaming models, and fans can be the sole influencers – determining what music trends hit next. Ultimately, we will be the go-to digital application for anyone interested in finding great, emerging music.”

Their social-network themed music streaming app is currently available in beta for both artists and listeners. Using a service that focuses on community to create conversations between people they hope that they can use the power of recommendation and discovery to get people listening to new music.

There are no ads interrupting your music streaming experience and you can add tracks you to discover to build up your own personal library of new music and artists. The app works better the more people listen and share the music they like, it works like a recommendation to the people they connect with to listen to the music you’re finding.

The app works in two different ways depending on whether you’re a “Fan” or an “Artist”. As a fan you can be a tastemaker who explores new music and shares any tracks you like with unlimited streaming as well as connecting with artists you really like. Artists meanwhile can upload their music to be discovered and grow in a unique and personal way.

The company has just closed a new round of seed funding that totalled a $1.2 million investment in less than a year. With their new funds and a partnership with US concert promoter Frank Productions which will also see their Director of Business Intelligence, Dan Polans, join the
LÜM Board of Directors.

Frank Productions’ CEO, Joel Plant said: “The mission of Frank Productions is connecting artists with fans and helping them have fun since 1964. The LÜM app is a tool for both artists and fans to connect with one another and share and discover new music together. We’re very excited about this venture and look forward to what our unique partnership can build for fans and artists.”

Polans said of the new union between the two businesses: “The partnership allows us to explore trends and patterns in emerging music to help both the Frank Productions and LÜM teams make better, faster and stronger data-driven decisions”

The app is set to launch in the US on the app store this Summer. It is currently available in exclusive beta for musicians and fans.