It’s probably not a surprise that a song about Impeaching the President has come back into relevance. But its sampling credits are where it really shines.

In 1973 The Honey Drippers dropped one of the most influential songs of all time. Their Richard Nixon protest song, ‘Impeach the President’, is not only poignant for it’s subject matter but thanks to its killer drum lines which are the most sampled in history.

For various reasons the song has come back into even more prominence in the past few years… To celebrate it’s prominence, and the fact it has been sampled in over 700 songs, Tracklib have launched a campaign to get people all over sampling the track and recreating it with their own artistic vision.

They are giving away the song for free so that anyone can chop it, flip it, screw it, whatever they want. Those taking part in the competition need to make a beat sampling ‘Impeach the President’ and upload it to Instagram with the hashtags – #impeachthepresident and #tracklibbeatbattle. Tag at least two producer friends in the post and then you’re in the running.

The first prize is a sample license for the track, worth $2,500, allowing you to legally use and make money from the track. Second prize is 100 Tracklib download credits, worth $200, and the third prize is 50 credits, worth $100.

Tracklib’s goal is to make legal sampling accessible for everyone. Find out more about the competition here: