Can’t find 2022 Wrapped on the Spotify mobile app? How to access Spotify Wrapped from any iOS or Android device.

By now, you’ve probably seen your social feed covered with similar templates of friends sharing their totally unique or totally basic listening habits. Wrapped is Spotify’s personalized summary of the year, unique to each listener.

Image Credit: Spotify

2022 Wrapped is full of fan-favourite lists detailing your top genres, songs, podcasts, as well as the total number of minutes listened this year. This year, you’ll also find a couple of new features thrown in too.

  • Your Listening Personality: It’s not only about what you listened to—but what that says about your music taste. This year during Wrapped, we’re showcasing 16 different Listening Personality types that Spotify created for 2022 Wrapped. Your Wrapped will showcase your Listening Personality based on how you listened to music throughout the year. Want to better understand how each of these special personas compare to one another? Find out all about them here.
  • Audio Day: An interactive story that gives you a peek into how your music taste evolved throughout the day, Audio Day showcases the niche moods and aesthetic descriptors of the music you listened to during morning, midday, and evening time periods.

Spotify Wrapped is all about showing off your listening habits to your friends across socials. This year, Spotify have added the ability to share your Wrapped cards on WhatsApp and Line.

2022 Wrapped comes with new personalized Snapchat lenses that reflects your Listening Personality, Wrapped-themed apparel for Bitmojis and Custom Wrapped-themed GIFs in GIPHY.

Select top fans of artists will also receive end-of-year thank-you videos. This is a great opportunity for fans and artists to connect. This year, this feature was open to all artists via Spotify for Artists, letting all artists record and upload a video for fans. Keep an eye out for the feature next year.

To find your Spotify 2022 Wrapped, head to on an iOS or Android device. You need to have the latest version of the app installed on your mobile.

Artists can find a Wrapped summary of their year on Spotify for Artists.

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