Image Credit: NovoNotes

Suited to all types of music production, Ambience Enhancer Lite from NovoNotes fits your sound to a particular setting or mood.

Ambience Enhancer Lite analyzes incoming audio signals and breaks them down into ambience and direct sound. By adjusting only the isolated elements, Ambience Enhancer Lite keeps the direct sound untouched and adds no reverb or artificial sounds to your mix. Whether you’re editing instruments in your next single or sound effects in your movie, this plugin can make recordings sound like they were recorded in a stadium or open field to fit your music or video style.

The interface is sleek, modern and easy to use, with three knobs to control ambience: Ambience Gain (dB), Ambience Low Pass (Hz) and Ambience Delay (ms). Sound levels are represented by the circular waves to the right.

Ambience Enhancer Lite
Image Credit: NovoNotes

The 17.9MB plugin is currently Mac-only, requiring macOS 11 or higher, on 64-bit Intel or Apple Silicon processors. VST3 and AU formats are included, with AAX coming soon.

Download Ambience Enhancer Lite for free here. Enter any amount (including zero) into the donation box, then click “I want this!”, then enter your email address.

NovoNotes says they are currently developing Ambience Enhancer Standard, which will cost $88. The Standard version will allow up to 24-channels instead of two (stereo), for full control over the sound field of your multi-layered, multi-dimensional mixes.