SoundCloud Playback takes you through your year in music, remembering the songs that made 2023 special in a Spotify Wrapped style playlist.

It’s time to relive the year through the songs you couldn’t get enough of this year. SoundCloud’s 2023 Playback is here to round up the artists, songs, and genres that uniquely stamped your ears in 2023.

SoundCloud users will have an email with a personalized collection of what you’ve listened to the most in the last year. Take a dive inside what makes you unique as a listener with your music horoscope and listening personality.

Find your favourite songs of the year collected in Your 2023 Playback Playlist.

The end of the year sees all the top music services give their listeners a roundup of their year’s iconic songs. Spotify Wrapped is the icon, but users across YouTube Music, Apple Music and Deezer have also had their chance to revisit the musical memories of the last year.

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