Step this way to learn how to get more plays on Spotify, to increase listeners on Spotify and make money with your music.

Wondering how to get plays on Spotify? You’ve finished a couple of great-sounding tracks and, with the help of a free distributor like RouteNote, put your music on Spotify. Now you find yourself sat watching your stats, wishing you could get more Spotify listeners.

Sadly it’s not enough to put your songs on Spotify and wait for the plays to roll in. Here are some tips and tricks for how to get Spotify plays up.

Getting songs on Spotify playlists

Ever wondered how to get on Spotify playlists? If your song finds its way to the right one it’s an easy way for people to find new music, and you should try your best to get songs on Spotify playlists to increase your reach.

You can pitch to Spotify’s curated playlists for free using Spotify for Artists:

Reach out to independent playlist curators, too – there’s thousands of popular playlists on Spotify and there’s sure to be hundreds with the same feel as your songs. Or, create your own. Check out more tips for how to get on Spotify playlists here.

Make your music go viral

When a song is used in a social media post that goes viral, the success on the platform often spreads out to the wider online world, with users seeking out the whole song on YouTube, then searching for the artist on Spotify.

You can chase a viral hit by getting smart with social media content based around your release. Why not try and make your own viral moment by creating a challenge or encouraging other users to duet with your post.

TikTok is built for this, and so are the eerily similar Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

If you find social media like TikTok intimidating, try and view it as a marketing tool for your songs. TikToks work best when they’re organic and not forced, so just be yourself. You don’t have to dance around. Behind the scenes footage like practice sessions and sneak peeks into your songwriting process are all things that you’ll be doing anyway – you’ll just have a phone camera there, too.

Promote your music

Give your release a boost by sharing it across social media, guiding potential listeners to your Spotify profile. Our partners offer great promo tools that help to increase the reach of your music.

Pre-Save campaigns give your tracks momentum before release day, giving you the best start possible to get plays before your song has even hit the stores. Fan Links meanwhile put all your socials on a single page, so everyone knows where to find your music online.

Don’t buy plays on Spotify

Just don’t do it. Paying for plays could lead to your music being removed from Spotify and your play count wiped, and you could be banned from distribution services.

Does your music distributor put your music on Spotify for free? At RouteNote we help independent artists and record labels get music onto streaming services and stores round the world, without charging a penny. Find out more here.